Well, really its About me

I am the youngest of 11 (7 siblings, 3 foster kids, 3 stepsisters) the next in age being 14 years my senior.  Now all gone.  I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of life,  aging and dying.  I know that had my brothers and sisters known what I now know their lives and how their lives ended could have been very different.  They might have enjoyed life and getting older rather than fighting it to the very end.

Am I the sharpest tool in the tool shed? No, in fact, I often tell people I was so dumb I had to relearn the first 3 letters of the alphabet twice if not three times. Throughout my life, I have been abused & abandoned, beaten and betray, controlled and cheated.

The most important part of all that is that it made me more determined to survive and thrive.  One very important thing I have learned is that how we live our lives determines how our lives will end.  It is those experiences that put me on my lifelong journey to help others, no matter what their age or status in life learn to live the BEST REST OF THEIR LIVES.

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