I spent 48 years in supply management in the energy sector which allowed me to travel,  work in different environments and meet many people from different walks of life.  However, drafting and negotiating complex contracts was a detailed and taxing position. Don’t get me wrong I loved every minute of it, but in retirement, I looked for something a little less stressful. 

However, I found that I missed the contact and engagement with others, which is what drove me to create my own community online.  The other element was my work also had me training teams and educating other groups in the organization.  You will find that element carries through to my online presence.

I am also the youngest of 7 children with the next closest in age being 14 years older than myself.  Most of them are now gone. However, being the youngest I learned a lot about life and death from their lives.  Now in the later stage of life myself and never one to sit and watch the world go by, I turned my focus to sharing what I have learned to help others.  To that end, I  created this and other sites with the goal of helping our aging population enjoy the rest of their lives.  I do this by creating products, courses, and tools from a different perspective on living life to the fullest on their own terms.


If you wish you can connect with me here.

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