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Our Approach to Aging

We are all aging and there is no changing it.  What we can change is our attitude towards how we age. Your parents and I’d guess your grandparents were content to just let age happen. Their mindset was that how they got old was up to the good Lord.  We now know better.  We know that life and Aging walk the same path.  Our goals to help you enjoy the journey.





Our Story

When comes to leaving our aging process up to God, I beg to differ.   If you were fortunate the good Lord gave you a head on your shoulders the think with, two eyes to see with, two hands to work with and two feet to walk on.  He  also gave you free will.  So I’m not putting it on Him to make my aging process good or bad.  I am a firm believer in that if God gave me all these tools it is up to me to put them to good use.


Ruthanne Koyama

Founder & CEO

of this and other websites, the author of several books and videos all focused on helping our aging populations live the best rest of their lives.


Doing Aging different will help you discover what you can do to live well, live happier and live longer.  We share with you the choices you have, the options life now offers and the changes you can make to make your aging process a better and more enjoyable one.


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