And life goes on - Pandemic or Not (provided you did not get it)

My question for you is which option would you pick when addressing this current crisis or any crisis for that matter?

The next question is what made you pick the option you did?

I’m not asking to irk anyone, it is however a question and the answer to it that I think those over the age of 60 should take seriously.  Getting older is not something that just happens.  How you age and the options you pick while doing so will determine how well or poorly you do.

Like it or not we are going to get older, but that does not have to be a bad thing.  Once you learn what your options around doing so could in fact be something you embrace and view as a good thing.

The final question then is what in your life influences your decisions about life and lifestyle?

The world is changing at a rapid pace, so much so that I fear many older adults will fall behind.  Just consider how quickly the drug industry managed to come up with a vaccine!  And whether or not you chose to get one is not the concern shared here. 

It is that if we are not keeping up with what is going on in the world our choices could have most of us living life by chance simply because we are unwilling to change.  When we were young taking chances was what shaped us, but today living a life on the chance it will turn out okay can take us down a very dangerous road one that ends in a place we were not prepared for.

My final thought on the subject line is yes life goes on and so it will with or without us.  But my life will not go on or will not continue as I wish it to if I am not willing to do what it takes to remain in control of it.  How about you?  How will your life go on?