Developing Good Habits

Okay, I blew it yesterday – while trying to create a new habit.


I blew it
Slipped up on my habit building

But I had a good reason, I think. I have been working hard at getting to a good work and exercise flow. However, I was reading up on how long it takes to create a good habit and I was shocked at the different answers offered up by (you got it) good old google. One says it takes 18 days to 264 days, and the other said 66 days and yet another 21 days. What the heck? I’m sure in reality it is actually dependent on a few things. Your desire to change, your personality and possibly age. Now note I didn’t say if being younger was better than being older when comes to creating a new habit but most of you know I’m on the older side of the equation so I’m going with the 21 days. I don’t want to run out of time before I make a good new habit.

However, I digress, back to why I blew it yesterday and how it disrupted my endeavors to create new habits. I have been doing what I can to get up earlier, go for a 20-minute bike (in my case trike) ride, come home shower and eat breakfast. Then I go it my office and start focused work on my 3 most probable MMTs of the day.

Well, I got the ride in, but just after I finished my shower I kept seeing this message about someone trying to reach me on WhatsApp.

What’s WhatsApp?


To be honest, I have no idea how to use the app, but the message kept telling me to answer, but I didn’t know-how. And the message kept repeating. Then I saw a message on my computer that our cellphone carrier was having issues and we would be out of service for some time. So I think darn, it’s a good job I don’t have to make a call because we long ago cancelled our landline. Then I get another flash message on my supposedly non-working phone that someone was coming to visit and would be here in an hour. What the heck?

Long story short friends we had not seen in over two years due to Covid arrived. Out the window went my new plans and subtract one day off whatever the real number of days it takes to create a new habit.

We had a nice (long) visit and they managed to explain the phone thing. I couldn’t understand if my carrier was out of service and how the heck I was still getting the WhatsApp message. Turns out the phone was picking up the signal for our home Wifi which is a different carrier. But it was still my lack of tech skills that prohibited me from answering the call. Oh, well. Live and learn they say!


Life Long Learning

Good job I subscribe to Life Long Learning.

So I’m back on track today.

I have done my ride during which I listened to my podcast and learned another error of my way which is a good thing. I think I knew it in my mind but hearing it said by someone with a lot more experience and knowledge brought it home. That message (for me at least ) was to create your product even a short version of it before you start trying to sell it. I know I’ve heard all the time you need to presell your idea before you spend time creating it. That may be true for others or maybe some longer higher priced products. My business model is short easy to digest and implement courses and low-content books, so I don’t see preselling as a viable time saver.

I Do Research


Do Your Research

I do, do my research beforehand which I will share another time, but for my business, all the work around preselling distracts from me creating them. So if I haven’t created them, I have nothing to sell. So I follow Cindy Bidar, mindset and if courses are in your business model you may want to check out. Here is the link if you are so inclined. Tiny Course Empire.

So that’s my story for today about yesterday.

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