We All Change, more so in our interests, as we age.

If you are retired you may find that having more time on your hands has you looking for an outlet. Some of us find that getting older has our creative side want to burst out.  One of the good things that aging at this time offers is that that are many ways for us to share that creativity.  

Creativity comes in many forms.  For some it is painting, quilting, or writing,  others find crafting or woodworking their calling.  

A challenge for those creative people has been what to do with what they create.  There are only so many works of art or quilts that we ourselves can hang or use.  I have a few friends who have even run out of family and friends to gift them. to!

Well as the popular phrase of this digital world says – There’s an APP for that, and there is. 

Below you will find a sample of what I use to get my limited creative needs out of my head and into the world (whether or not the world wants it is a topic for another day. 

My Store on Redbubble - A no cost way to share my designs, artwork, images and photo's on items that some people may want have purchased. And if they do I earn a little money on the side, just from gettings some of the creative side of me out and on a product.n

At some point, I will show you how you can do the same thing.  If you’d be interested in learning just drop your info below and I will let know when I have the video done.