Starting a Side Hustle - Might Require Tooting Your Own Horn

Are you considering or have you already started an online business. Side Hustles take just as much effort as a full-time venture. Having a successful online business sometimes requires Tooting Your Own Horn.

Being humble has always been a hallmark of kindness and esteem. Now while not a current trait of today’s politicians there was a time when they too aspired to be so. That trait seems to be lost on several with no sign of it returning. But I am going to assume you are not in politics.  

That said it should be noted that you can be humble while still giving yourself credit for your accomplishments. Something that will be very important as you build an online business. When you’re proud of what you’ve done, the building blocks of self-esteem become tighter and tighter and eventually, you learn to trust yourself and your decisions.

As an online entrepreneur, patting yourself on the back is a required trait. Every success that ís passed on to others will make them sit up and notice you and respect you for your hard work.

If you can’t toot your own horn, it’s going to be difficult for others to know what you’ve accomplished especially in an online environment.  So remember that you don’t want to simply give yourself credit for professional achievements because personal achievements are also very important.

You may have lost weight over a period of time or achieved another personal goal that you’re proud of. If they relate to the business you are in then even better. 

Those are triumphs that are brag-worthy. While you don’t have to talk about yourself and your achievements until people are bored, it’s okay to use it as a way to motivate others and yourself.

Rewards are an important part of building your business self-esteem and collecting the building blocks necessary for success. When you do achieve a long-sought-after goal, reward yourself with something you can look forward to on your journey. Then remember to share with your people.  


In your emails, newsletter, on Facebook, Instagram and perhaps a video on youtube. 

Even a day off spent with family or getting something for yourself that you’ve always wanted can be perfect.  Just make a mental note to take some pictures to share.  When you reward yourself, you’re reinforcing your self-esteem building while making you real to your audience.


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