We all have something that makes us unique and special.


Something all tend to forget as time goes by.  

It happens not only as we age, but even more so once we retired.


When working you know what make you special.

It was your job and you were good at it.


Now you wonder not only what you are good at, but what you’ll do with the rest of your life that will make you special.’

So, how do you know what makes you special?

What sort of things can you do to make them stand out if you aren’t sure what they are?

In this program, we’re going to guide you through different things you can practice to help you identify what things makes you special.

It starts with making a List of What you think You’re good at Doing

This first step is to identify what you already know you’re good at or think may make you special.

This will help to provide you with some guidance and let you see where you already might excel.

These items might include hobbies, sports, or communication.

It’s important that you’re honest as you develop this list.

Not being truthful with yourself about what you’re good at won’t get you very far and doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself.

Next, try to find new things you might be good at

Once you’ve completed your list, it will help guide you in a general direction for what else you may be good at.

But what about those things you haven’t tried?

Maybe you already know you’re really good at sports, but what truly makes you special is how you are able to work so well with all your teammates.

It’s important to explore new things in the process of determining what makes you special.

Ask Those Close to You

Sometimes you need an outsider perspective to really pinpoint what your good traits are and what makes you special.

They’re able to give you a less biased view, allowing you get a better sense of what might make you special.

The people you ask about this should be trustworthy and honest.

You want to be sure that they will give you an honest and objective answer;

otherwise, they’re only wasting your time.

Now it time to narrow down the List

In order to find what truly makes you special, rather than just what you’re good at, there’s a few questions you need to ask about each item on your list to help you narrow it down.

For each item on your list, ask yourself:

am I merely skilled at this,

or does it make me special?

You should ask yourself what, on the list, helps you do the most good?

If you are skilled at communication, for instance,

you might find there are more opportunities to do good in that area,

rather than, a sport you’re good at,

making it more likely to be what makes you special.

The most important question to ask, though,

is do you bring something unique to the table with this skill?

Is there something about how you do it that makes you a valuable commodity?

Answering this honestly will help point you in the right direction to determining what makes you special.

Everyone has something that makes them unique and special,

some skill or talent wherein they bring something unique to the table.

Determining what it is that makes you special is crucial to your making the most of your skill

and using it in a way that will bring the most good to the world.

It may take quite a bit of time and effort to determine what it is that makes you special,

but it is crucial in determining where you can bring a unique set of skills and talents to the table,

making you special.

It is our hope that this will help you to identify what it is that makes you special,so you can go further and do more good in the world. 


There is a lot of life left to live and sharing your special gift will help make it worth living.