Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

This seems to be the situation the world is facing today. The worlds Humtpy (be they political and government figures or health professionals and scientists) have all fallen off the proverbial some wall and the people can’t put them back together again. The real problem though is that there is a world war of belief about whether or not Humpty was good and worthy of being saved or if he was very bad and should not be put together.

Getting older has all of us wondering if we are in fact facing yet another war, a war not of men going off to fight a war in a faraway land, but one of words fought against an enemy who wages it the dark of web?  The issue with this war is that there is no strategy worked out by Generals, no battlefield in some foreign country.  No, the war is being waged by people who have no concept of even of what they are fighting for.  There is no one call to battle to free a beleaguered population, not humanitarian conflict to save an impoverished country against invasion. 

No, this war is fought in the silence of the keyboard, with hateful cries form the deepest darkest unseen forces who have no idyllic wish to save the world.  On the contrary, this war is being fought by people who don’t have any idea of what the motives of the webmaster they follow are.

The most concerning part of this war is that the people who dare to show themselves to their perceived enemy are older people.  People who should know better, who have seen the results of men turning on men, women screaming from the crowds at an unrecognizable fo.  These people are those who have never risen the ranks they feel they deserved, who are there for their last grasps to be seen and heard for no reason other than selfish acts of delusional grandeur.

I will close this rant with the following statements.

I am relieved that the majority of people I interact with online have their hearts and minds in the right place and have for the most part have not been drawn in the current unstable mindset.

The bottom line is that with a great majority of older adults living longer, let’s hope our health and our minds hold out and don’t allow us to devolve into any lunacy the seems prevalent in the world.