Your age really doesn't matter.

Especially when it come to personal growth. The one concern about aging is we often limit ourselves.  We get to “whatever” age and think that we too old for this, or  too long for that.  This limited thinking is what stops us from enjoying everything life has to offer.   Life doesn’t care how old you are, it will just continue with or without you doing anything.  

That is where you need to decide that YOU matter.

Your body will continue to age and often that process takes your mind with it. So the bottom line is you need to continue to manage the process and this personal growth journal was created to help you with that.  The important thing to remember is that personal growth is truly a  DIY –  Do It Yourself project.  No one can do it for you and if you don’t do it your personal life will suffer for that lack of attention. I truly hope you will take up the challenge to take control.