The Hardest Conversation


One of the most difficult conversations adult children will have is with their aging parents.  There may come a time when older parents need to make changes.

Changes they may not even be aware of and if that is the case then the conversation will need to be carefully had.  This book was written to help guide the conversation.  As the youngest of 7, with the next in age 14 years older,  I have been part of several discussions of this type.  I learned as I listened.  And when took part in them, I quickly realized that most children and parents really have differing opinions on the senior families’ capabilities or capacity for talking about changes of any kind.  I also learned that the younger people knew little about the personalities, which often are very different from their own.  In addition, I also learned that as people age they change and so do their personalities.  Understanding the differences between theirs and yours is key to have a meaningful conversation.  The conversations will be difficult, there is no doubt, but taking into consideration what is written in this book hopefully will make them just a little less stressful.


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