Patience and Persistence are in short supply, just when we need them most.

Getting older in our parents day was accepted as the reason and the right of passage to be short and patience and with no need of persistence.


My how things have changed.  The younger generation it appears now has those virtues in short supply.  They have no patience for us older folks to get with their program.  They also have no interest in being persistent when it comes to getting things done that don’t impact them. 

That however is their prerogative but one that the older generation should not subscribe to.  We have more at stake and fewer options . 

Lack of patience in seniors, once tolerated as we got older, is now something that people will call you out on.  It’s not clear whether this is due to the age of most people in power now these days being much younger than the people they govern or manage or that the manners and respect afforded elders in past are now lost on the younger generation.  

If it is the latter then I’m afraid seniors may have contributed to the demise of their own respect.  There are three issues here that may be the culprit.   First; it has been said that children learn by example. if that is the case then was it our poor treatment of other older adults that they have picked up on, or secondly; is that when they were growing we didn’t instill in them the need to respect their seniors or thirdly;  we failed to correct them when they were (innocent as it might be) disrespectful towards others.

Patience is double edge sword as we age.

We  all I’m sure can recall telling either or kids or some person, that they needed to be patient about something.  Whether is was food, waiting in line for ride, or Christmas presents. Which was a good thing for kids and in some cases for adults.   

As adults, we learned there were just some things we needed to be patient about and wait for.  Things like a line in the grocery store, or a package to arrive.  If you were working it may have been a raise or promotion to come.

These are good things to be patient about, however, as we get older we have a little less patience.  Most often it is impatience with ourselves.  We get annoyed when we can’t get some new gadget to work we don’t have the patience to figure out how to use technology. It this lack of patience that can hurt us rather than help. Learning to use and keep up with technology can only benefits us as we age.  Lacking the patience to even try is  detrimental to our well being.  Doing so will forever put how we live in the hands of other people.

On the other hand we may end up having too much patience when it comes to  our health.  We wait and wait to be told what to do about some medical condition instead of pushing for answers.  We wait patiently in the que for the next appointment, no matter how uncomfortable our condition.  We often fail to advocate for ourselves.   We have forgotten that when it was our kids or another family member we would push and push to get to the root of the problem and even the front of the line.  Why then do we now sit patiently as others get the attention we might need?