Seniors Getting Comfortable With Technology

Just as some seniors were getting comfortable with technology they get hit with another scary thought. 

Hijackers have been tapping into major company computer systems, uploading ransomware, and demanding money.  And these weren’t chump change demands.  These were in the millions of dollars range that must be paid before they would remove the malware. 

Now admittedly most seniors don’t have the kind of computer system that would catch even a  passing glance for these crooks.  However, their antics have been enough to scare off those who have just started using technology.  

Which is a sad thing.  The types of tools technology offers are or could be of huge benefit as we all get older.  The current activity and the constant news reports about them have scared many into shutting down their computers.  Others have even quit using their tablets and smartphones fearing these snakes in the grass might steal their personal information and bank accounts.

Sadly this fear may be what ends up driving older adults from their homes.  Not for health reasons, but simply because they are now isolating themselves and can no longer manage the things technology allowed them to do.  They are afraid to do normal banking fearing their bank account or the bank company will be attacked that they will lose their money.  

Others are fearful of ordering online, which was to some a lifeline for getting things they needed.  They are afraid the online store will be taken hostage along with their credit card information.

Some have even stopped using their google or amazon smart home devices fearing someone might be listening to their conversations.

These are tools that have helped many people not only seniors to be able to set and forget some mundane but important house tasks.  Those tasks range from reminders to do something like take medication to opening and closing blinds.

 They can be set to have your lighting automatically turn on when you need the light.  Have the lights turn on when you arrive home, outdoor lighting turns off in the morning and back on when the sun goes down, or have your home appear to be occupied when you’re away. 

These devices help to lower the cost and improve security in the home.  But now people are turning away scared that the things technology has created to help can be turned into things that will do us harm.

But as I said at the beginning those technology interlopers have now turned what was developing into a real bonus for seniors just starting to dip their toes in the water to a  dark and scary space. One they may not return to no matter how many “safe” stories the manufacturers throw at them.