Earlier today I was writing in the draft of my latest book “Life Lessons From The Game Of Golf” and went to watch the Waste Management Open in Phoenix on TV.  I was totally dismayed and discouraged with what I heard that made what I was writing now appear obsolete.

There was a time when it was called “The Gentlemen’s Game” and even though for a while that was because it was expensive to play it still held the qualities that gentlemen had toward others. Those qualities seem to have disappeared, at least from what I now see in the coverage.

I don’t know if it is the attitude of disrespect that seems to be happening worldwide or if I have become more sensitive to how we treat one another as I age myself. What I see and hear from the spectators of gold now is more than a little disquieting, it actually makes me want to change the channel and worst to stop writing my book. I hear so-called fans booing players, I see adults letting their children use the course as a playground, sliding down the slopes in garbage bags. I hear load mouth borish men yelling at the players. I see the players themselves displaying fits of anger kicking the ground and slamming the greens with their clubs. 

I reminded me of how happy I was when the so-called musicians stop (most not all) smashing the guitars while on stage. They thought it made them appear manly.  Just made the look fools the same as the people at the golf tournaments.

If this is what is happening in a game that prided itself on respect, there will be little use for what I am writing in my book. I had wanted it to be one that #Grandparents could share with their Grandkids to demonstrate and use golf as an example. Where they could discuss how golfers deal with things like Patience, Persistence, Focus, Self Control, and so on.

I know that the politics of the world are now more populist and inward focused but I had hoped that we still had the wherewithal to compartmentalize those attitudes. It seems I was wrong, or at least I hope I am wrong.   I hope that I will myself will be able to separate the singular bad actions from those of the multitude at some day in the not too distant future and get back to writing my book.