Are You Ready To Take A Chance?

chance, alternative, direction

I am reminded of the line in the Abba song –

Although that’s not really the type of chance I am talking about here. The chance with respect to doing aging different is about you and your life. Are you willing to chance that your life will be the way you want it to be as you get older? That chance hopefully is not one you are expecting to leave to others. Getting older should never be left to chance, nor should you expect to have it choreographed like a dance. It should, however, be lived as the old adage say – expect the best, but also prepare for the worst. Our age does not define how we live, so make the best of what you have today, look to the future with expectations of days filled with wonder. Remember though that the wonder doesn’t come on its own you have to make space for it in your life.


Will You Be A STAR?

The stars will always look brighter when you are in the picture. Are you willing to be the Star in Your Own Life?