DAD is a perspective that views aging as a stage in life that is full of potential, it offers members a place to connect, to share, contribute and most importantly it promotes growth and community.

Groups similar to this are cropping up across the world with a focus on helping people learn to see aging from a different perspective, to get rid of the negative attitude about getting older.  The difference between this Doing Aging Different Group and other Groups is that the others are most often local and require people to travel to be included. 

Technology has changed that. it allows that concept to reach more and more people who are looking for a guided method to expand on their consciousness and to share their wisdom.  

Facebook is one of the ways that many boomers and older people can connect without getting lost in the process.   So whether you are 60, 70, 80 and some even in their 90s, you are welcome in this community.  And since we are about connecting and contributing why not share the group with others in your own circles and allow them to join as we practice Doing this Aging thing Just a little Different.

We are online and available to anyone with an internet connection, and as the song says, no shoes, no shirt, and well add no transportation, NO PROBLEM.  WE ARE A COME AS YOU ARE A COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE.

Our purpose is to help our community

Examine – personal beliefs

Grow  –  and develop skills 

Discover – what gives you meaning to your life

Identify – but not wallow in regrets

Decrease – the feeling of loneliness and isolation

Learn – how to manage fear and about acceptance without acquiescing

Create – a new pathway for your own aging journey

Educate – gain street smarts for living healthy, wealthy and emotionally secure.


So if you are ready to do this aging thing just a little different come join our Facebook community to not only learn more but share your experience.  You can find us here and on my personal page here: