Is there a story that you keep in your head.

A story about you or your life that is just that ‘a story’.  Is it story that keeps you for enjoying your life?  It a story that reads like a never ending life of never being enough, never having enough or perhaps never giving enough. If so then in it is time to change the story.  Create a new one and let it be about all you have accomplished and done with what life gave you. 

You are more than you ever dreamed you could be!

How can I say that you ask?  How do I know you ask?  I can say this and know this because you are living in a time that no one ever imaged possible when you where born. You have more options, opportunity and possibilities than at any other time in history.  If you are over the age of 6o you have been witness to wonderous things.  Consider these things that you now take for granted, that even in your youth never considered even possible. 

Sliced bread – we all expect to have sliced bread, but it wasn’t until 1928 that it was something that someone could slice a loaf of bread into uniformed pieces all at once.

The microwave oven was first conceived in 1945 (were you born yet?) didn’t get to the size you could actually put on your counter top until the early 60’s.

Post It notes – something no office, diary or ideas book can be without. Yellow, pink, blue, green, circles, squares or hearts, they are an indispensible, highly prized possession of office works, and kids alike but didn’t arrive until 1968. Seem like they  have been around “forever”, right?

Computers – something almost anyone still alive today has used or owned.  I can remember when one of these required a huge climate controlled room to operate.  I can even remember when technology got them to desk top size but they needed a desk of their own to sit on.  Look at us now, we hold them in our hand, in the form of a, you got it….

Smartphones – nary a person on this planet hasn’t been in contact with these in one form or another.  When you see pictures of people in the poorest of countries you can find a smart phone  in the hands of at least one person. And did you know that this technology was patented in 1973 it too two decades to get it to where it is today.o

All this and more is why I can say with confidence that you, simply by living today with everything that is available as common as a cold, you can't help but be more that you ever knew you would be. You had no choice!,