Where are they now?

Hillary Clinton was scoffed at when she wrote – it takes a village to raise a child, but she wasn’t wrong. Growing up in a small village through most of my formative years certainly gave me not only a sense of belonging but I also knew that everyone was watching out for me. Not that everyone was a parent to us kids, but the parents in the neighbourhood sure knew what we were up to and when were up to no good (as it was called then).

Sadly most kids no longer grow up in those types of neighbourhoods.
While they were great places for kids they were also just as important for seniors. Not only are kids losing out, so are we seniors. I can remember seeing grandparents at the park, watching from the front steps and caring for grandchildren on the front lawn.

Seniors were always part of the community and could be seen and when heard, listened to.

For awhile on TV they would have programs about “where are they now” mostly referring to some well known person, but the question could also be about seniors. Where are they now?

Fortunatly, they are not lost, like the man in the picture, most have found other things to fill the space. Seniors have learned that their is life after children and grandchildren. All they need to do is be willing to go out and find it.

And we are! We have learned to blog, connect on facebook, share pictures instagram and text people. We are no longer sitting waiting for someone to show up and engage with us, we’re do the engagement how, where and when we want.

If you haven’t found your voice online yet you can join our community here! and start a conversation.

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